Some curiosities about gambling you didn’t know

Given the impossibility of going to the game rooms, the numbers of online players should grow, and it is important to know that even on gambling and online casinos, strict rules and laws apply. Among all, the contrast to gambling addiction stands out, through a series of press releases issued by the casinos themselves, which warn the user of the possible risks associated with gambling addiction.

Another fundamental central theme, which certifies or not the reliability of an online casino, is the security chapter. When online registrations are made through the dedicated platforms, photocopies of identity documents are requested which are then ascertained by a real operator.

Once the account has been obtained, it is possible to choose between different solutions including the possibility of obtaining bonuses; all sites dedicated to gambling give the opportunity to choose between a no deposit bonus and the one with a deposit: the substantial difference lies in the user’s choice to receive only the bonus due to registration without depositing his own money, or (for deposit bonuses) add an additional amount that adds up to the bonus and have more cash to play.

This is a subjective choice but even by opting for the no deposit bonus you can later decide to add money to continue playing, as the account will be linked to your bank account. Naturally, the no deposit option is a clear synonym of security since it protects sensitive data at the first registration.

Having clarified this aspect, how much do you really know about online casinos? Here are some curiosities you didn’t know:

– In Monaco, Germany, citizens are prohibited from entering casino premises by order of Charles III, Prince of Monaco from 1856 to 1889. It may seem unfair, but in reality the prince’s goal was to prevent his people from arriving to debt. The law is still in force, but nobody forbids citizens from playing online casinos.

– Who was the first to cheat at dice? And how do you cheat? Obviously it takes a steady hand and a great skill not to be discovered but it was the great and well-known philosopher and mathematician Aristotle who wrote a guide on how to manipulate the odds.

– Is self-banning from online casino sites possible? The answer is yes, it is a procedure implemented by many sites and consists in the user choosing to self-ban and delete his account from that platform, without being able to access or re-register. This procedure has been made available for all those players who have fallen or are falling into gambling addiction.

–  The most popular online casino games are slot machines. They offer bonuses and different designs and themes, which can also adapt to the mood or interest of the player. The slot machines have themes ranging from movie themed games to more classic fruit slots like the ones offered by สล็อตเว็บตร.

– More men or women? According to statistics, 84% of gamers are male; however, the first legal Las Vegas casino license was issued to a woman named Mayme Stoker in 1920.

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