Mobile Legends: How Do Buffs Work?

Recharge ML at great prices with U7BUY! Buffs are incredibly important in the gameplay of Mobile Legends. As the name suggests, buffs can give your heroes special abilities or limited-time upgrades at any point of a match when found. Not only can these buffs help when in sticky situations, but they can sometimes make the difference between winning or losing a match.

The very first buff is the Healing Buff. The Healing Buff does exactly what it sounds like it can do. In about 2 seconds, this buff can heal your hero up to 350 HP and restore 5% of their mana. This buff is one of the more common ones, as it can be found in horned lizards, fire beetles, lava golems, and little thunder fenrirs. With a quick hit, this buff could save your match!

The Walkie Grass Buff helps with your heroes’ speed. While in the river area of the jungle, the affected hero gains a subtle speed boost. This boost can very much make traversing the map easier. Not only that, but it could also help your hero move quickly around their enemies’ attacks too! This buff can only be earned through the lithowanderer.

The Gold Buff lasts just 30 seconds when earned. During those seconds, not only do you earn extra gold, but you also earn a free 100 gold at the start of the timer. This buff doesn’t affect your hero statistically when it comes to powers or abilities, but who can say no to free gold?! This buff can only be found through the scavenger crab.

Now, the Orange Buff is where things get a bit more exciting and complicated. When this buff is earned, your hero will be able to use the Soul of Lava when attacking their enemies. This attack only happens once, but it still is a means for some extra free damage. The attack can also slow down the enemy for 1 second. This buff can only be found through molten fiends.

The Purple Buff is all about reducing costs. When earned, the Purple Buff reduces all cooldowns by about 10%, mana costs by 40%, and energy costs by 25%. Also, when attacking an enemy, this buff has the potential to restore your hero’s HP per attack depending on the enemy type! This buff can only be earned from thunder fenrirs.

Finally, the Turtle Buff can give your hero a powerful and incredibly useful shield to protect them. This shield can increase your hero’s physical attacks by 20, magic power by 25, and can absorb 400 damage points. This shield can be a game-changer, so be sure to keep an eye out for dragon turtles! Buffs make up a crucial part of every match, so it is always good to make use of whatever you can use. Buy your own Mobile Legends pin with U7BUY!

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