Thailand Twitter Trends: A Glimpse into the Kingdom’s Social Pulse


Twitter trends in Thailand offer a fascinating insight into the topics that resonate with the Thai people. From entertainment to social issues, these trends reflect the diverse interests of the nation.

#สมรสเท่าเทียม: Equality in Marriage

The hashtag translates to “Equal Marriage,” highlighting the ongoing conversation about LGBTQ rights and marriage equality in Thailand.

#ลิซ่า: Celebrating Lisa

Lisa, a member of the globally renowned K-pop group BLACKPINK, enjoys immense popularity in her home country. Fans often trend her name during significant events or releases.


The presence of K-pop in Thailand’s Twitter trends underscores the genre’s massive influence, with fans eagerly discussing concerts and comebacks.

LGBTQ: A Community’s Voice

The LGBTQ community in Thailand is vocal on Twitter, using the platform to advocate for rights, share stories, and support one another.

#ZeePrukFriendOfCOS: Celebrity Endorsements

This trend reflects the impact of celebrity endorsements on Thai social media, with fans rallying around their favorite stars’ brand collaborations.

#Gun_คนในใจ: Fan Affection

The hashtag, meaning “Gun, the person in [my] heart,” shows the affection fans have for their beloved celebrities, often trending during birthdays or special events.

#OISHIxGeminiFourth: Brand Collaborations

Collaborations between brands and celebrities are a hot topic, with fans discussing and promoting these partnerships.

Cultural Celebrations and Social Movements

Thailand’s Twitter trends also reflect cultural celebrations, national holidays, and social movements, illustrating the country’s rich heritage and active civil society.


Twitter trendshashtags in Thailand are as dynamic as the country itself, encompassing a wide range of topics that reveal the interests and passions of its people. From pop culture to social advocacy, these trends provide a window into the heartbeat of Thai society.


Q: How do Twitter trends reflect Thai culture? Twitter trends often highlight the cultural values, popular interests, and social issues that are important to Thai society.

Q: Can international events trend in Thailand? A: Yes, global events can also capture the attention of Thai Twitter users, reflecting the interconnected nature of our world.

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